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A Recipe for Success

When Yukonthorn “Kuni” Pratanporntrakul Colliton came to Spokane over fifteen years ago to pursue her MBA at Gonzaga, a couple of things happened. First, she became a die-hard Zag fan and then she fell deeply in love with Spokane and its people.

Since moving to Spokane, Kuni has shared her love of food with everyone she has met, including thousands of homeless kids and adults she has fed and loved over the years. Her response from people has always been the same: they love Kuni, they love the food she serves, and they love the Thai Style-way she serves it. There’s something wholesome in Kuni’s nature and her culinary approach that people find irresistible and fun.

Kuni was born and raised in Chaing Mai, Thailand. The daughter of a Thai mother and a Chinese father, Kuni was raised in a large family where values around family, community, and a love of life were deeply installed in her and her siblings. Her parents were entrepreneurs and created a thriving business that attracted many migrants from neighboring countries including Myanmar (Burma), Laos, China, and India. This melting pot of cultures — especially food practices — was the center of Kuni’s life and created a passion for using food to build relationships that she has nurtured ever since.

After very successful career as a engineer and programmer, Kuni decided to start a new Thai restaurant in north Spokane. To be successful she knew she needed a great team, so she enlisted her sister Nuch and her niece Mui to join her as partners.

Together they hired a group of talented Thai and American chefs and developed a very simple mission: To make people smile and appreciate Thai food and customs in a manner that respects all people and the community. Thailand is known as “the land of smiles” and food and respect are the primary language.

Rather than open a traditional Thai restaurant, of which there are already many good ones around, the trio decided that a fresh new look was in order. They started with the physical design of the restaurant, where they created a modern, elegant, and a fun way to showcase their deep love of Thai food and customs. The goal was to create a setting like you would find in modern Chiang Mai or Bangkok. The delightful result is Kuni’s Thai Cuisine.

At Kuni’s, the dishes are varied and come from a wide array of sources. Some include family recipes, and dishes from friends and mentors such as Aut “Dang” Boonyakkamol. The remainder are ideas developed by Kuni’s talented group of chefs. The common themes are Thai, fresh, local, with a heavy emphasis on nutritious, wholesome, locally-sourced foods. Kuni's prides itself on tailoring meals to each person needs, and has a variety of vegetarian and vegan options for you to enjoy. If it is Thai, we will find a way to prepare what you desire.

Please visit us at Kuni’s Thai Cuisine. Experience for yourself a new way to enjoy Thai food and culture in north Spokane.

Our Story

Inthanon mountain near Chiang Mai, Thailand